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Replication and Consulting

Custom one-on-one support for nurseries in any life cycle

For those who want to improve the lives of children and families. 


Our services are designed to support:


An Individual or Team

 that needs expertise to assess readiness, build a plan, and launch a

crisis nursery.

Existing Crisis Nurseries seeking stability, looking to grow outcomes, or wanting to connect with other nurseries.

Public Agencies

task forces or hospital systems that see a need for a crisis nursery in their community.

Select a service below to let us know how we can help:

Includes an in-depth tour of our facilities, an overview of our program and operating model, and discussion of our funding, strategy, and governance practices.

One-on-one sessions to get targeted feedback and training on service delivery (including training and materials, forms, manuals, logs, and data tracking) or business operations (including board governance, fiscal management, human resources, compliance, fundraising, marketing and outreach).

Providence House leadership presents on the family preservation crisis nursery model and how it meets the needs in your community to build stakeholder and community buy in.

Conduct stakeholder interviews, site reviews for potential locations, data evaluation, and deliver other targeted tools and resources for a community feasibility study or business plan development.

 A one day service to help organizations and stakeholders determine the best operators, service partners, and funders for their local crisis nursery.

Ongoing support for questions, quality reviews, advocacy, and troubleshooting.

Not sure where to start?

We're here to help you determine areas of coaching and tools to support your vision. Click here to fill out a brief survey.  

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